Gábor Bolla (Hungary)

Gábor Bolla was born on 15th of october 1988 in Budapest. He has played the clarinet since the age of 10. In November 2000 he won the the first prize in the "National School's Clarinet Competition". Around that time he also got his first taste of jazz and within a year he begun to play soprano and tenor saxophones. In spring 2003 he got the semifinals in the "World Saxophone Competition" at the Monterux Jazz Festival. He played at the Festivals London, Bilbao, Bukarest, Delhi, Bombay and appeared in Budapest as guest solist with the Vienna Art Orchestra (fall 2004). He founded "The Bolla Quartet" on his 15th Birthday.

Bolla Gábor Quartett "The Wax We Play" (Biem-Artisjus Bolla-001)